Friday, December 24, 2010

Syurga buat Isteri Solehah.. ;)

Normally, whenever I wanna send Zahraa to school these days, on the way to her school, I will straight away switch the radio to cd as she will  request for the 'Your Mother' song by Yusuf Islam. I will only switch on the radio when it is on the way back from her school ie when I am alone in the car. But this morning, I switched on the radio first instead and was really interested on the topic aired @ IKIM at that time. As for Zahraa, she did request for her song as usual, but Alhamdulillah, I managed to distract her. And Alhamdulillah again, I managed to listen something for my soul this morning..

The topic for the slot this morning was - Syurga buat Isteri Solehah. I was touched when the speaker mentioned something like this,

"Carilah redha ALLAH, sebelum mencari redha suami.. Apabila ALLAH redha pada kita maka suami yang beriman secara tidak langsung akan redha pada kita.. Maka syurgalah buat isteri yang solehah.. "  


Upon hearing this nasyid at the end of the slot, I felt so guilty to ZN.. As I was quite busy with my work recently.. 

I am sorry, my dear.. Hope you can understand..  
Semoga dapat menjadi yang soleh & solehah.. Amin!

p/s: Yeay! I already have the paintballing photos with me! Cant wait to share them here!


Azrine said...

amin...salam singgah...

Fedyeu said...

Thank you Azrine.. btw, u nih Azrine Tahar tuh ke ye?